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Flags are a way to make a statement.                                       Tell the story of your flag here

Washington's Flags 2023


He was working in his yard as I came by. I asked if I could hand him the flier as I thought it would be odd to put it on his door with him standing there. He smiled and asked what it was. I said, “I am an artist and I took a picture of your flag. I wanted you to know and to have an opportunity to tell me about it.” 

He said "Well, I made the pole out of two pieces of weld pipe. I got the ball from (some catalog or another). This is its second location.” 

He smiled and I smiled and I said "Thank you for letting me take a picture of your flag." 

He said, "It is always a great thing to take a picture of."

I am a retired United States Air Force Veteran with a proud family history of military service on both my wife's side, and mine. 

My wife's Grandfather and both of mine fought in WW2, my father-in-law served in the Coast Guard, my cousin in the Army, and my brother-in-law in the Navy. 

I'm privileged to have made it home, along with the rest of my family so we can fly this flag on our porches-signifying freedom and dedication to our nation regardless of religion/orientation/political ideology/ etc. We fought so that you may continue to exercise these freedoms.

I choose to flag this flag with pride! My forefathers fought for me to live the way I choose from a great-grandfather who was the 9th president to my cousin KIA at bari ali. The 104-year-old that I take care of who stormed the beaches of Normandy, to my father who fought in the Korean War. I fly it for the soldiers that I place flags for every memorial day. I fly it for them, for me and for my children. I stand during parades when the flag passes. I'll stand in my living room for the presentation of colors and I'll stand and fight for this flag. 

I had Cancer during Covid. Every day that I came home from chemo and radiation it gave me hope. Hope that I live in a Country that is resilient and strong. Like I had to be. I have flown it every day since. I am all in the clear now!

He was sitting on his front porch with his child and seemed startled when I walked up his walk. I asked him if I could hand him the flier, the same as before.  

When I asked for the story of his flag, he told me because he was "an American" and "a patriot". He followed these two statements with several other fashionable phrases that repeated the words American and patriot several times but did not say much. He looked at me like I was an idiot as if to say, "I mean, isn’t it obvious."  I suppose it is obvious, but I want more specific stories. I want to ask him, "Why do you need to show me and everyone else your 'American Patriotism'? Why is it important?"

Hello. Thank you for noticing our flag at 0000 S Washington St. What a neat hobby! We choose to display our flag to represent our family members who have served in the military, to be a constant reminder of their service and those like them more broadly, and, because we truly believe that we live in a wonderful and magnificent country. While it is not always perfect, it is our hope that all of this great, ongoing experiment tends towards that more perfect Union over time. 

I have always flown my American flag out of respect for the many who have sacrificed for my family's freedom. It is a constant reminder that freedom is never free but obtained at a great cost. I’m proud to be an American. Moreover, I have multiple flags that have been retired over the years that I still keep, each one has its own story.

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